Monday, April 18, 2011

Crappy Race Organizers

I am not an active blogger, but some things just get on my nerve..

"Hi all,

I didn’t take part in ENR, I was tempted, but after hearing that Dato Chandra(DC) was the Race Director (RD), I decided.. “nahhhhh.. not worth the aggravation”.

I took part in the PutraJaya 70.3 IM in 2009, and the pre-race organization by his team terrible! So why bother giving face, right?

Then I heard about the shitty experience faced by the participants of ENR.. I posted the following on ENR’s FB:

“Race director is DATO A CHANDRAKUMANAN!
PLEASE BOYCOTT all events related to him.
PUNISH the person in charge!

I also took the liberty of posting the above at race organizer’s(Expose) FB, where they announced DC was appointed as RD, and I tagged the post to DC.

DC sent me the following message:

“Hi Azly
I was never a race director for this energizer race, and I am going to sue them for this mess, thank u for the information on fb
A. Chandrakumanan”

To which I replied:
“Well Sir, you have us confused. On one hand, the organizers made a statement on their FB page and tagged your pic (when announcing your appointment as RD). And now you claim that you are not RD..

FYI, the organizer's statement has been re-quoted in the ENR's FB page (along with it your photo). Suggest to make it clear to the angry mob (just visit the ENR FB page yourself) your side of the story.

FYI #2- when when I quoted that you claim not to be RD, they didn't buy your story..
If the organizers were indeed scamming the public and using your name, strongly suggest you visit the relevant FB pages.”

He then replied:
“Well Azly
Thank you very much for reverting. I was appointed by a company called sound innovation to handle the Technical part of the race in September 2010. We visited the site, had several meetings on the organization of the race and looking into details requirements for the race. However, in February 2011 Sound Innovation was terminated his services to manage the race and totally taken over by Expose (josie). I did not get paid for the consultation works done. As we were getting closer to race I was contacted by Josie (Expose) saying that my contract with Sound Innovation is valid and that i am still the Race Director for Energizer, and expose will takeover everything from Sound Innovation.

She came to see me in my office to discuss about the race, this is only two weeks before the race. I told expose to sign a new contract and pay me 50% of the fees. By doing this I will immediately mobilize by team to get thing done for the race. On the 5th April 2011 she came with Joshua from Energizer, their PR team, and her team for a fact finding mission. She sign the contract with me and agreed to pay me 50% deposit the next day but the payment never came in. The next day she sends a email saying she have to forgo my services. Even though, i was not paid, I told Joshua and his PR team that 10,000 participant is big number and if the race is not managed properly they will face disaster, actually the team came to see that nite NOT for hiring me, but to get facts so that they can handle the race themselves. I have warned them about aid station, water requirement, Gatorade requirement, ice, signage's, marshal, volunteers, medical, equipment, starting of the race, going through the tunnel how dangerous it could be for the athletes and many more. In short i am going to sue them for the damage, I will also make a public announcement that i was dropped from the race and NOT which i not in charge of.”

So, there you are.. DC’s version of the incident. After publishing some of these posts on FB, some still don’t believe in DC’s story.. they have their reasons.. I don’t know who to believe, and seriously, who bloody cares about what I think...

But what the hell, I’ll express my PERSONAL opinion on who to support and who to avoid:

* Nomad Adventures (RD: YUEN LI) @ adventure racing
* Quick Release (RD: Melody) @ duathlon
* Trisports (RD: Mr Chan) @ triathlons
* Sabah Adventure Challenge (RD: Aman Avtar)
* PCC @ cycling event
* Pacesetters @ running events
* KLMBH @ mtb bash

Based on participation and participant’s comments: YES- they look after participant’s well being.

* Octagon (RD: Hermunt Dua) @ KLIM 2009
* Expose (D: Josie Huang Wan Ling) @ ENR11
* Human Voyage (CEO Datuk Malik Mydin) @ Langkawi MTB & Kencana SIC Bikeathon
* SRS (RD: Chandrakumanan) @ Ironman 70.3
* Areenadventure (RD: Maslan) @ Pahang state MTB events

Based on either terrible pre-race admin or eff-ups on race day or to simply put it- YOU'LL MOST LIKELY TO GET PISSED OFF IF YOU JOIN.. or in the case of Areenadventure, canceling the event and running off with my registration fee (KNNCCB, tak sempat nak join, these SoBs dah cancel and ran of with my RM350!)

Considering that we don't have that many sports events organizers in this country, if you are GOOD, I shall do my best to promote you.. but if otherwise, for the sake of the sporting community, I feel that your incompetence should be exposed..

To those on my "to avoid" list, sorry, but I held my part of the bargain, I registered, I paid, I trained and made preparations, I arrived on time.. and you failed to appreciate what we do..


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