Monday, May 10, 2010

Nomad Adventure

2010.. and nothing much happening..

Done: OCBC S'pore Ride, Putrajaya Marathon (half), Energizer Marathon (half)

To Do: Eco-Heritage Ride, KL Marathon (half), Eco -X, QuickRelease's Duathlon Series, S'pore Marathon

Canceled: XTERRA

Still no news from organizers: PD Tri and Putrajaya Ironman

Best race is expected to be the Eco-X.. and thank goodness for that.. coz Nomad (the organizers) are, to me, share the top spot for best race organizers in KL, a spot shared with the people from QuickRelease..

Anyway, credit given, where due.. so here's to Nomad, coz without you guys/gals, 2010 would be a crappy year in terms of races.. Nomad's website: